We Can’t Live For Earthly Breakthroughs

A couple of months ago, an internet acquaintance of mine, Joshua Arnold, shared a profound thought: “I’d rather have a breakdown that has me cleaving to Christ than a ‘breakthrough’ in something worldly and vain that may charm me into thinking I don’t need to desperately depend on Christ in every moment.” This sentiment runs contrary to the advice of popular Christian culture (let alone … Continue reading We Can’t Live For Earthly Breakthroughs

Children, Culture, and the Church

With each passing year spent on this earth – and there haven’t been many years for me yet, which makes the matter even more disturbing – I realize more and more just how extensively the culture around us has influenced the American church. One of the biggest reasons why this influence has been undisturbed for the most part is the fact that contemporary Christians have … Continue reading Children, Culture, and the Church

Do More of What Makes You Holy

Should Christians care about self-care? Self-love and self-care are both popular concepts in our society. There’s plenty of polarization to be found within the church’s discussions on whether these practices and attitudes should occupy any major part of the Christian life. They are definitely prominent aspects of the life of the secular (or otherwise non-Christian) world, and this causes many believers to question if they … Continue reading Do More of What Makes You Holy

Start Caring About Sound Worship

I tend to write about “hot topics” just past the point where they are becoming tedious to hear about. It’s probably one of my more irksome characteristics, but I’ll tell you the reason behind it: It’s easy to get caught up in the clamor surrounding a specific story or issue and totally miss its broader implications. We all need to learn how to take a … Continue reading Start Caring About Sound Worship

Do Any Lives Matter?

“We share a hope, if not a conviction, that human life is exceedingly valuable.” R.C. Sproul I remember hearing the term “inalienable human rights” when I was in social studies class as a kid, usually in reference to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which asserts that all people “are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” Whether in the context of inalienable rights or human rights … Continue reading Do Any Lives Matter?